WOMEN of ART EXHIBITION at Obverse Gallery // Closing Reception: Please join us!

Please join me to celebrate the closing reception and final arts exhibition at Obverse Gallery. The show runs September 23 and runs through October 22.
Curated by Jessica Dangieri, featuring works in her private collection by:

Kim Thomas
Eva Bialecki
Carrie Ahaus
Erin Page (Kill Hatsumomo)
Diana Gonzalez (As the Crow Flies)
Zsofia Otvos
Cezilia Hjelt

Please see the invitation below for more information. Light refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,


An International Opportunity with Гэрэлт Ирээдүйн Төлөө Хамтдааture

12622314_886846684763058_268482182484151702_oI am very happy to share a recent piece I did for a newly formed domestic violence and poverty awareness group in Mongolia, through a Peace Corps volunteer from the States. To help Гэрэлт Ирээдүйн Төлөө Хамтдаа  (Let’s Work Together for a Better Future), I donated my design services and turned their logo idea into a clean and professional digital file.

12647541_886846721429721_5793584834188044304_n 2I understand the importance of having a visual identity. It helps promotion and in this case, aids in awareness of something otherwise undiscussed. Black Coffee Projects, an art and design team I co-founded, is celebrating its first year and I have had some really  interesting and exciting opportunities.  This one is very special to me and came at the perfect time, we are celebrating our first anniversary, as well as the holidays. I hope the amazing youth in this country continue their efforts and I am very proud and honored to take part.


So far, they have organized a no-domestic-violence pledge/signature drive at several schools, and continue to collect wood for impoverished families that can’t afford fuel for the winter. Most recently, they collected gifts from local businesses and distributed them to disadvantaged children for New Year’s. Great kids!  Stay tuned for more as I get updates!